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SharePoint is the most popular Enterprise Content Management system with many capabilities including but not limited to

  • Content Management – Document Libraries
  • Automation – Workflows
  • Simple Web applications – Lists and Pages
  • Document Repository
  • So our corporate training on SharePoint has 3 modules
  • SharePoint users
  • SharePoint Power Users
  • SharePoint Designers

Being the preferred language for Automation, Data Science, Web Development there is demand for Python Corporate training modules on various levels.  To mee the custom expectation of Organization, Team and Functional role, we are offering the following Python modules

  •     Core Python
  •     Python Pandas
  •     Windows Automation using Python
  •     Infrastructure Automation using Python
  •     Visualization using Python
  •     ETL using Python
  •     Web Development using Python Flask
  •     Web Development using Python Django
  •     Any custom module to meet the team expectations

Power BI is one of the widely used Visualization tool. Power BI is a free software from Microsoft and capable of connecting to heterogeneous data sources with intuitive visuals. Demand for Power BI skills in Corporate is growing rapidly. So we are offering Power BI Training with following focus

  • Power Query
  • Visuals
  • Best practices

When the corporate needs Python Django resource, they will look for either website development web application development.  So we offer the following modules

  •     Python Django for Websites
  •     Python Django for Web Applications
  •     Python Django for API
  •     Jinja for Python Django
  •     Plugins for Python Django

We ourselves use Moodle for delivering our course. After the experience, our clients are willing to build their own Learning Management System.  So we enable their team to build their own LMS.

  • Moodle Course Administration
  • Moodle Site Administration
  • Gamification of Corporate Learning

Spreadsheet skills are integral part of Corporate Survival kit. We have the most demand for the following corporate training courses

  • Excel Basics
  • Excel Intermediate
  • Excel Advanced
  • Excel VBA Beginner
  • Excel VBA Professional
  • Google Sheet Advanced
  • Google Scripts Beginner
  • Google Scripts Professional

Agile methodology was used for software development, but many of the principles can be expanded to other fields. Agile breaks down larger projects into small, manageable chunks called features and then tasks, product backlogs in microscopic level. At the end of each iteration (which generally takes place over a consistent time interval) something of value is produced. The product produced during each Sprint should be able to be put into the world to gain feedback from users or stakeholders. There are various roles in Agile and SAFe. Their responsibilities are different, but cohesive with each other. This training helps the individuals to understand all basics and understand the deployment strategies into their real world problems, suitable for any industry. This training can be considered for pursuing any professional Agile or SAFe certification since the training will be provided by SPC certified (SAFe program consultants).