SharePoint Training

Get started using SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of SharePoint, for business collaboration and real-time documentation sharing. Find out how to save and share documents, create team sites and site collections, work with libraries and list apps, manage permissions, and create simple workflows.

SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer 2013 allows for the rapid creation of SharePoint solutions in response to organizational needs. SharePoint Designer 2013 enables power users and developers to build applications and complex workflows using the Windows Azure platform. This course provides the knowledge and skills to create and automate SharePoint business solutions with SharePoint Designer 2013.
Course Duration : 45 Days
Course Fees : Rs. 7,500/-

SharePoint Developer

Custom SharePoint 2013 apps extend the functionality of SharePoint sites to address business needs. Creating SharePoint apps requires a new skill set from developers, blending .NET and JavaScript code together with enhanced SharePoint 2013 functionality. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to build custom apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio.
Course Duration : 45 Days
Course Fees : Rs. 7,500/-

Office 365

Office 365 is basically all the familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, Office 365 offers plans designed to fit your organization's unique needs. It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft.
Course Duration : 45 Days
Course Fees : Rs. 7,500/-


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  • Career Opportunities
    SharePoint Designer 2013 is the tool of choice for the rapid development of SharePoint applications. Using SharePoint Designer, advanced users and developers alike can rapidly create SharePoint solutions in response to business needs. Advanced users can compose no-code solutions that encompass a variety of common scenarios, from collaborative sites and web publishing to Line-Of-Business data integration, business intelligence solutions, and human workflows, leveraging the building blocks available in SharePoint in an easy to use environment. In addition, developers can use SharePoint Designer 2013 to get a quick start on SharePoint development projects.‚Äč


This course will teach you how to build powerful SharePoint 2013 business solutions without having to engage in any custom development. You will be amazed exactly how far you can take things with SharePoint 2013 just using the out-of-the-box features and functionality. This course has been specifically designed for business users using SharePoint 2013 in an online environment. You will complete all exercises for this course using the browser and SharePoint Designer 2013.

Module 01: Getting Started with SharePoint 2013

Module 02: Working with Lists and Content Types

Module 03: Document Libraries and Document Sets

Module 04: Creating Custom Forms using InfoPath 2013

Module 05: Workflow in SharePoint 2013

Module 06: Business Connectivity Services

Module 07: ECM and Managed Metadata

Module 08: Working with User Profiles and MySites

Module 09: The SharePoint 2013 Search Service

Module 10: Using Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

Module 11: Using Reporting Services in SharePoint 2013

Module 12: Working with Access Services

  • Trainer Information
  • Our trainers are highly experienced and skilled.
  • All our Sharepoint trainers are employed with top level IT companies.
  • All our Sharepoint trainers are Microsoft certified professionals.
  • Our trainers have 5+ years’ experience in sharepoint with through knowledge on sharepoint 2008 and sharepoint 2010
  • Many of our Sharepoint online trainers are working on the relevant platform and have 3+ years of real time experience on sharepoint 2010
  • Sharepoint Online Training techniques of us are specially designed for the global learners and are globally proven.
  • Our trainers are excellent Online Training experts
  • Our Trainers aims at quality teaching, which earned them multitudes of learners and also trains in corporate companies


Attendees should have a solid technical background and comfort level working with complex systems such as Windows Server, Active Directory, Internet Information Services (IIS) and SQL Server. Prior experience with SharePoint is highly recommended.

Quick Overview of Career Opportunities & Benefits of a Career in SharePoint

At time of this writing, there are currently thousands of open jobs in the USA either specializing in SharePoint specifically or at least require some SharePoint knowledge. Typical uses of SharePoint (server) are intranets, document management, team collaboration portals, external customer portals, workflow scenarios, search, project management repositories and public internet sites for large corporations.

A sample of the types of companies and organizations using SharePoint would include financial, insurance, manufacturing, consulting and some government entities. Since the majority of the business solutions SharePoint are used for are needed by larger organizations (this may not apply to Office 365 users), there is usually a better chance you will get the better pay, benefits and career options that also come along with larger companies and organizations as well. In addition to this, SharePoint has grown in use far quicker than the amount of skilled labor available needed to create and support advanced solutions built upon it. Most rapidly growing technologies have this trait however.

  • Current Popular SharePoint Job Titles

    • SharePoint Administrator / Engineer
    • SharePoint Developer
    • SharePoint Business Analyst
    • SharePoint Project Manager 
    • SharePoint Power User (someone who uses SharePoint as a part of their job but is not all of their job) 
    • Architect (Solution Architect or Infrastructure Architect) 
    • Other (Designer, Trainer, etc.) 

    * Job titles are interpretive, find example job descriptions from job websites