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The courses we offer , will be of great values to all professionals in business, finance and many other areas that need to analyse data in accounts, or keep records of stock or schedules, and to anyone trying to keep track of their personal finances at home.

Excel for Experts

For those who have a basic grounding in Microsoft Excel, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use MS Excel at an advanced level.To get the most out of this course, you will need to have completed our entry-level Microsoft Excel course or have the equivalent experience of this extremely popular software. You ’ll possess the top skills being sought by employers.
Course Duration : 45 Days
Course Fees : Rs. 7,500/-

Excel for Pro

This course enables the professionals to gain proficiency in handling basic formulas and tools. This training helps the users to enhance their understanding of the basic tools for organizing, visualizing, calculating and managing data in MS Excel. It is ideal for those who are looking to improve their job prospects by adopting Excel fundamental skills and knowledge.
Course Duration : 45 Days
Course Fees : Rs. 7,500/-

Excel for All

This training is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. The tutorials include step by step examples and will show you how to use Excel to create a basic spreadsheet. You will Learn how to best enter and organize data, perform calculations with simple functions, work with multiple worksheets, format the appearance of your data and cells, and build charts and Pivot Tables
Course Duration : 45 Days
Course Fees : Rs. 7,500/-

Excel for All

  • Overview
  • Course Objectives
  • Topics Outline
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  • Career Opportunities

This course is intended to develop basic knowledge of the Microsoft Excel. Skills are developed in creating Excel spreadsheets and setting up simple calculations and formulas. You will also learn how to make changes to an existing worksheet as well how to format new worksheets. This course also covers print set-up and techniques in working with large spreadsheets.


· Identify the different components of the Excel worksheet.
· Differentiate between an Excel workbook & worksheet.
· Use the Office Assistant
· Open an existing workbook and create a new workbook
· Enter text and formulas in to an Excel spreadsheet
· Enhance alpha and numeric date in an Excel Worksheet
· Move & Copy alpha and numeric data
· Construct formulas to manipulate numeric data in an Excel Worksheet
· Create a spreadsheet to tabulate and record numeric values
· Change the appearance of an Excel spreadsheet
· Use the print function to create a printable copy of data stored on an Excel
· Set up the chart function of Excel to represent numeric data in multiple formats.
· Differentiate between formulas and functions in Excel.
· Use at least four functions that are stored in Excel.
· Access and manipulate data using the database functions of Excel.
· Create simple & complex macros in Excel.

1. Introduction to Excel

2. Excel User Interface

3. Excel Formulas

4. Producvitity

5. Data commands

6. Pivot table

7. Charts

8. Excel Objects

9. Printing

10. Advanced Topics

  • Trainer Information
  • Our trainers are highly experienced and skilled.
  • All our Excel trainers are employed with top level IT companies.
  • All our Excel trainers are Microsoft certified professionals.
  • Our trainers have 5+ years’ experience in Excel with through knowledge on Excel 2013
  • Many of our Excel online trainers are working on the relevant platform and have 3+ years of real time experience on Excel 2013
  • Excel 2013 Online Training techniques are specially designed for the global learners and are globally proven.
  • Our trainers are excellent Online Training experts
  • Our Trainers aims at quality teaching, which earned them multitudes of learners and also trains in corporate companies


  • This training program is ideal for-
    • Candidates who are interested in knowing and understanding of Microsoft excel.
    • Anyone who want to use Microsoft Excel to perform daily activities.
    • Candidates who want to seek job in marketing, accounting.

Today, Microsoft Excel may very well be the most used business software on the market. It has broad applications, from simple data entry to complex problem solving, that are used to make important business decisions. Thus the trademark green “X” for Excel is synonymous with money, and in fact most of the data being shuffled around an Excel spreadsheet really just boils down to dollars and cents in profit.

Microsoft estimates that 5 – 10% of Excel users are using the more complex features of the application to create business insights, and these formula and function gurus can be considered programmers of sorts. It’s no surprise these “Excel programmers” are earning more than their colleagues. So if you like problem solving, data analysis, and the idea of making some big bucks, you may want to study up and become an Excel power user.

In short, if you understand how to use Excel and create valuable insights for your company, you will be a valued employee, and can expect to be compensated accordingly. While it would be pretty hard to become an Excel power user overnight, you can learn our online Excel courses. If you are looking to learn the more advanced features we also have online Excel courses available, so don’t wait. Pick a course and start getting skilled up!